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OUDES champions the causes of its members, providing expertise, resources and marketing support.

#OUdivest The campaign to get the OU to divest from fossil fuels and invest in more ethical options.
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Open University Development and Environment Society
OUDES is open to all Open University students and alumni.

Supporting students and alumni in promoting protection of the environment, poverty reduction and defence of human rights.

The Society was set up by a group of students who got on well during the fourth week of Summer School during the first year of U204 (Third World Development Studies) back in 1984. They held committee meetings in a smoky bar at Euston Station as most members came from North of London. We have now grown to an active community of over 800 members, promoting international development, environment and human rights, supporting students and alumni, encouraging discussion.

Meet the TEAM

Shane Kelly



Shane is a recent graduate of Engineering, specialising in ‘Designing for a sustainable future’.

He is currently chair of two Open University societies, the OU Development and Environment society and the OU branch of Engineers without borders. He is a passionate environmentalist and volunteers for local community action groups educating people about ways to reduce their energy use and encourage the use of renewable technologies.


Adam Carnie

Vice Chair


Adam is currently studying BSc (Honours) Environmental Science at the Open University.

He’s a hard-core environmentalist with active interests in IUCN, ESA, NASA, SpaceX, wildlife conservation, geology and planetary atmospheres. He also volunteers multiple different organisations.


Andrea Berardi

Liason Officer


Andrea has been a lecturer at The Open University since 2002 supporting environment degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

He initially became involved with OUDES as a tutor during one of its revision weekends, and then took up various roles within its organising committee. Andrea is currently the ‘liaison officer’ between OUDES and OU academics/support staff, but is also actively involved in OUDES campaigns such as #OUDivest.


Amy Brown

Communications Editor

Amy is currently studying towards a BSc in Environmental Science at The Open University.

Amy is passionate about nature conservation and hopes to build a career in environmental education after she graduates in late 2018. She has keen interests in wildlife conservation, plant identification, and sustainable development. She enjoys being outside as much as possible and can often be found volunteering with the Hastings Conservation Volunteers or helping with beach cleans along the Sussex coast.


Beverly Vears

Communications Editor

Beverly is currently studying her first Open University module and is aiming towards a BA Environmental Studies degree.

Although born in the UK her parents moved to India in the 1970’s where Beverly grew up and studied in a local school. Her interests in the natural world began during this time. She returned to the UK in the 1980’s, where she worked in the public sector and more recently as a self-employed book keeper.

Having returned to India after 20 years away, Beverly has seen first-hand, how the loss of biodiversity, has changed and devastated communities and local wildlife and how the introduction of plastic has killed off marine life and coral reefs, in the oceans and poisoned animals on the land.

Beverly is concerned about the loss of woodlands locally and is a member of the national woodlands trust and through her current job as a dog walker, is a regular visitor to local woodlands.

Beverly is passionate about the conservation of indigenous plant and animal species, and concerned about the extent of deforestation and single use plastics. Her long-term goal is to teach environmental studies in and around Asia.


Jenna Gleave

Communications Editor

Jenna is an OU Geography and Environmental Science undergraduate.

Jenna has a passion for all things Geography, especially Earth systems science and global development. She has working interests in post-conflict resolution, climate change, food security and sustainability in the developing world.

After Jenna’s degree, she intends to do her teacher training and, hopefully, arm her students with the skills, knowledge and empathy to make this world a little nicer … and fair all around.

One unusual thing about Jenna: While fascinated with bugs, I have an irrational fear of butterflies!


Marina Alenius

Communications Editor

Marina is currently enrolled in her final module of her BSc Environmental Management & Technology degree with The Open University.

Marina works within the financial compliance sector, and has a keen interest in current environmental and sustainability issues around the globe. She believes that education is imperative when fighting against climate change and degradation of natural resources. Marina moved to the UK from Sweden in 2004 and is, perhaps not surprisingly, quite proud of her native country’s environmental approach.

When not otherwise engaged, she can usually be found reading, cooking or travelling.


Kate Buchanan

Communications Editor

Kate is currently studying BSc (Hons) Environmental Management & Technology and is keenly interested in climate change solutions, sustainable development and wolves.

Having previously studied Information Technology at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Kate’s career has covered IT management, digital design, print & packaging and various sales roles. Currently living in rural north-east Scotland with her husband, two children and two springers, she is originally from Glasgow.


Chantelle Minchin

Communications Editor 

Chantelle is currently an undergraduate taking advantage of the Combined STEM degree to explore different scientific approaches to environmental issues.

She describes herself as someone with eclectic interests and enjoys simultaneously taking on a multitude of roles, as a biologist, chemist and statistician for example, to further her understanding of our world. She has hopes of pursuing an MSc in Environmental Management or Conservation and Biodiversity in the future.

Chantelle is passionate about promoting accessibility to students wanting to engage with OUDES and OU study. When not studying, she is often kept busy caring for her pets.


Cami Wren



Cami is studying towards a BSc in Environmental Sciences.

Cami is passionate about sustainably managing the environment and creating a society that benefits all species. When not studying or working, they are creating maps with GIS for the Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre, driving injured hedgehogs around or at the cinema.


Dana Moldoveanu



Dana is a coaching psychologist living in Luxembourg.

Dana’s vision is to sustain people in going further then looking for personal success and act as social change partners in sustainable social and environmental initiatives and help the communities in which they spend their lives to create a better future for the generations to come.


Keiron Lock-Lawton



Keiron has been a Curriculum Manager at The Open University since 2014 – looking after environment modules.

Keiron is a Geography graduate, with a previous employment history in aviation before joining the OU. He has a personal interest in the environment, renewable energy and development.


Teresa Cox


Teresa supports a number of qualifications which include undergraduate environmental management and technology, and postgraduate environmental management.

Teresa is a keen advocate for the environment. In previous years she has headed large fundraising events for Friends of the Earth, Save the Rainforest Campaign. She also played an active role for Transition Wolverton which included inviting Caroline Lucas to talk and organising a low carbon event inviting local companies to demo energy saving initiatives and renewables.

Teresa is very committed with leading a low impact lifestyle, having been a lifelong vegetarian, she is very interested in permaculture and currently runs a local gardening group which promotes organic gardening and composting. She actively follows development with renewables, including recently installed solar panels and a proud owner of an electric car.

Teresa feels very privileged to work at The Open University supporting the environment curriculum.


Hyacinth Richards


Hyacinth is a recent BSc (Hons) Open Graduate of the Open University in a range of subjects, including Environment.

Throughout her period of study with the University and wish to advance to MSc in the short term. Long work experience in the commercial world and currently a Committee Member of the Open University Development and Environment Society (OUDES). Maintains a keen interest in the environment and ways to reduce consumption generally in the interest of all.


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